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Come & See
What is that one thing, that if you had would change everything?
One message: The gospel. One person: Jesus Christ. Explore who Jesus is, who he claimed to be and what was his mission. Come and see is an opportunity to explore the truth about who Jesus is, ask questions, follow the evidence and decide the truth of his mission and message for yourself. And we don’t want you to do it alone. You can do the exploring together with a group of other people either live or online, where you watch, share, discuss.
How it is run Come and see contains various courses that look at different aspects of who Jesus is and his message, called the gospel or good news. Each course of the courses are usually seven to 12 sessions long. Everyone is welcome to Come and see and it is run conversation-style using what is called the 3square model: Food for thought, the soul and spirit. The session is started with food for thought that can be a meal, or snack or just drinks to spark some good banter, get people to mingle and build rapport. Next is food for the soul that would be an ice-breaker activity or a discussion question. This is then followed by the food for the spirit where there is a talk which can be given live or through a video, discussion and prayer. Come and see sessions tend to end with a mini-game session, another meal or a movie night.
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Everything changes when you meet Jesus

Come and See

Take the journey and see for yourself


Session 1: The Good God - Overture Part 1

03:5121st June, 2016
Everyone seeks happiness. But are we searching in the right place?

Session 1: The Good God - Overture Part 2

11:0221st June, 2016
Everyone seeks happiness. But are we searching in the right place?

Session 2: The Trustworthy God - Hotel Part 1

10:1228th July, 2016
What’s your current view of God, and how did you reach that viewpoint?

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Follow the evidence

Come and see who Jesus is through the lens of two historical accounts about him by Mark and John

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How do I know the gospel is true?: How much evidence is enough evidence? How many proofs will it take to decide something is true?